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A Little Bit About Custom Ram Design, Inc.

Custom Ram Design, Inc. is a concrete coatings company whose main focus is you, the customer. Beauty and perfection drives our founder, Carlos Ramirez Jr., into creating masterpieces specifically designed to match your house, your personality, and occasionally your artistic tastes. The transformation of your driveway takes about two weeks and the outcome is a welcome you can be proud of.

Though driveways are a large percentage of the artwork done by Custom Ram Design, Inc., it is not their sole focus. Patios, lenais, garage floors, and even interior concrete can undergo the modification process. If it is concrete, Custom Ram Design, Inc. can turn it into a beautiful masterpiece.

Overwhelming a house by applying a design that captures too much attention is often a questionable matter for customers. This is a concern that is shared by Carlos Ramirez Jr. which is intentionally avoided in the designing process. He is often heard saying, "A driveway should add to the house, not take away." Following this philosophy, Carlos Ramirez Jr. takes your houses character, as well as your own, and displays them in perfect sync with the designs to come.

In short, Custom Ram Design, Inc. can transform your house into a home by combining character and design.




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